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Made in France / Europe

Who Are We

Crafted in France and Europe: Our Commitment to Quality and Proximity

At MWT Sourcing, we believe in the value of "Made in France" and "Made in Europe." Our commitment to quality, proximity, and upholding high manufacturing standards is at the core of our approach. We take pride in offering sourcing solutions from Asia, France, and other European regions. Discover how we combine our international expertise with local production to meet your needs.


Strong and Established Local Production

We are a dynamic team with years of experience sourcing across France and Europe. Leveraging our extensive network of suppliers and partners, we have executed numerous productions across various sectors. Our presence and engagement in these regions enable us to ensure quality, reduce lead times, and support the local economy.

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Choosing Between Proximity and Offshoring

Raw material costs, labor, and transportation factors often influence the choice between local production and offshoring to Asia. At MWT Sourcing, our mission is to balance these elements to meet the specific sourcing needs of our clients globally. We consider your requirements, priorities, and constraints to provide the best-fit solution.

Why Opt for Local Production?

Opting for local production has several benefits, including increased flexibility, streamlined communication, and a reduced carbon footprint associated with international transportation. Through our trusted partners, we can locally produce a variety of sectors, such as furniture, premium products, and more. The French artisanal quality shines through in every product we help create.


Diverse Industry Expertise

We take pride in working across various industries for our European clients. Whether you're in furniture, premium products, fashion, accessories, or other sectors, our team possesses the expertise and resources to cater to your local production needs.

Each project is unique, and we adapt to your specifications to deliver high-quality products.

At MWT Sourcing, we understand that each project and client has distinct requirements. This is why we offer a personalized approach for every production, utilizing our extensive experience and robust network to ensure exceptional outcomes.


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