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  • Why do we have an Affiliate Programme?
    We have implemented this affiliate program because we believe in a Win-Win situation. You have connections that might need our help. Connecting them with us will develop a new business relationship. We think it’s expected that you can get rewarded for all referrals you did!
  • Who can join this affiliate program?
    Everyone who has a relevant connection can be one of our affiliates. It might be easier if you have your own company but this is definitely not a must. We usually welcome our affiliates when They have a good network, They use to work for a company or a procurement department and they want to share old colleagues' contacts They know a company that can benefit from our sourcing company, Your contact is currently working with another procurement office You are a student, part-time or you simply want to have an additional income
  • Commission rate: Is there any limitation?
    There is no maximum or minimum amount in our scheme We usually wait to have a minimum of 500 USD be paid so the bank fee will not impact too much the commission There is no maximum amount to be paid to you. The fee is based on a very straightforward percentage.
  • How can I get my Commission?
    We will send you a bank transfer. Simply share your bank account with us so we can be wired you the money Do you prefer to have gifts instead? we can discuss every option together.
  • Why do we have a contract between us?
    We want to make sure you will get what you sign for. Our contract is very straightforward but will make sure we are all on the same page. It will simply define why and how much we will pay to our affiliate.
  • What kind of contacts should I send you?
    From our experience, good contact is Head of purchasing department CEO, Director, C level that can take a decision on behalf of the company Entrepreneurs, and business owners that can not (or don’t want) to spend more time managing supplier and finding new products E-seller
  • What kind of contact should I NOT send you?
    Contact you don’t really know or that you barely have to talk to. It is always better and more comfortable to have referrals from a person that knows the end client. We want to make sure we will not bother parties and not spent time on exchanges if the end client is not really qualified in the first place
  • What if none of my referrals actually order from you ?
    We understand that not all of your connections will proceed and that's fine. We do not charge their inquiries and we are very comfortable on the fact that once they know what we do they will contact us when they will be ready
  • I don’t want to be known as an affiliate
    We have Gentlemen and affiliates. No information will be disclosed. We understand that confidentiality is key and that our contract include an NDA to protect you
  • I don’t think I fit to a classic affiliate contract program
    No problem, contact us and we will discuss further details to have a tailor made business relationship


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